Organizations need innovation more than ever

Help bring rapid change that matters.  The Master of Arts in Leadership concentration in Organizational Learning and Effectiveness provides a completely unique learning experience.  You'll work with others to make organizational changes that keep people at the center.

Flexible format

Our part-time master's program provides you with convenience. You can pursue your educational goals in a hybrid online/face-to-face format. The program has interactive, online evening courses two nights per week. Each month, you'll spend a Friday evening and all day Saturday on our Sacramento Campus.

Hands-on projects

We believe that students learn by doing. Every course in the program will have you apply what you learn in a real organization. Rather than learning how to do something in the future, you learn by doing now.


Please visit the GradCAS website for more information and to apply.

Sacramento Campus location

Hybrid course format*

23 months program length

What to expect

Michael considered dozens of programs. He chose Organizational Learning and Effectiveness because of its real-world innovation focus.


At Pacific, the professors know your name and care about your success. Our faculty help students develop skills that matter to transform their careers. Our small learning community allows you to build relationships that matter. You won't usually find that in larger university environments.



Changing yourself and organizations

You'll start by building your own leadership skills. Then you'll develop skills for helping groups to change. The program culminates by helping you to support organization-wide change.


Build your toolkit

Not every situation calls for the same solution. You'll learn proven methods for facilitating change in a variety of situations. The program focuses on human-centered approaches like design thinking. You'll also learn tools like process consulting, program evaluation, and coaching. 



Video Tour of the Program

Only 23 months to your Masters degree

Year 1, Fall

  • EDUC 230 — Leading in Diverse Contexts
  • EDUC 239 — Coaching for Organizational Contexts

Year 1, Spring

  • EDUC 274 — Action Research
  • EDUC 235 — Design Thinking for Organizational Analysis

Year 1, Summer

Year 2, Fall

  • EDUC 238 — Organizational Change and Consulting
  • EDUC 372 — Program and Organization Evaluation

Year 2, Spring

  • EDUC 211 — Facilitation of Projects and Initiatives
  • EDUC 237 — Organizational Learning

Year 2, Summer

  • EDUC 296 — Integrative Capstone in Innovative Leadership

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