Innovative Education at Benerd College

Masters in Leadership, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness, cohort 5 showing off final capstone experience.

Masters in Leadership, Organizational Learning & Effectiveness (now Organizational Innovation & Design), cohort 5 showing off final capstone experience.

In 2022, Benerd has launched degrees and certificates that students have eagerly been waiting for. The programs are: 

  • BS in Organizational Leadership, Criminal Justice concentration 
  • MA in Leadership, Leading for Social Impact concentration 
  • Graduate Certificate: Leading for Social Impact 
  • Graduate Certificate: Leading and Facilitating Innovation  
  • Graduate Certificate: Strategic Consulting  

Under Program Lead Dr. Jennifer Medel and Program Coordinator Lisa Matuska, the Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Completion program introduced their first cohort for the Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership, Criminal Justice concentration. Organizational Leadership teaches students problem‐solving, collaboration, communication, and the leadership skills required to be an effective leader. With the concentration in Criminal Justice, students will receive additional education in the criminal justice system, focusing on criminal justice reform. The program benefits those who want to work in or with the justice system.  

The MA in Leadership, Leading for Social Impact (LSI) and its associated graduate certificate, launched in 2022, under Program Lead Dr. Laura Hallberg and Program Coordinator Malcolm Gingras. LSI's focus is to help students develop skills and perspectives to enact ethical and sustainable change in their community, organization, and beyond. Dr. Hallberg describes LSI as "The program offers a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between understanding one’s leadership identity and implementing the tools and strategies to address social justice issues." LSI is for those who work in education, nonprofits, or community and social organizations and are interested in social impact/social justice issues and want to learn ways to address them. To fully encompass the world of social impact, LSI has an international experience built into the program to teach students what social impact looks like in other parts of the world.  

The Master of Arts in Leadership, Organizational Innovation and Change, introduced two graduate certificates within his program. The Leading and Facilitating Innovation and Strategic Consulting certificates provide graduate school credit and an introduction to the Organizational Innovation and Change program. "These certificates give working professionals a way to learn actual methods to be innovative, learning subjects such as human-centered design, design thinking, the Ten Types of Innovation, and the Cynefin framework." Students not only learn practices but put them to use by working with real-world clients. "We want to help transform organizations and develop a future generation of successful organizational change agents."  


To learn more about our new programs, you can contact: 

Yulia Larios, Program Coordinator:

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Benerd College's Leadership Programs: or 916.340.6155