Extend your knowledge with flexible units

Benerd College offers extended education credits for Pacific and non-Pacific students to earn academic units to accelerate time to degree completion. Extension units are undergraduate-level, elective, academic units that cannot be applied toward a major requirement or an area requirement. Undergraduate students may take these courses to earn elective units adding to their total unit count required for completion of their academic degree. Students should check with their academic department regarding the total number of extension units counted toward the degree or full time status.

Our extension courses are one-fourth the cost of a traditional Pacific unit. In addition, our extension courses are open to individuals in the community looking to take classes for personal enrichment or just for fun. The majority of our extension courses are online, so students can join anytime and learn at their own pace. Additionally, Benerd College offers classroom courses that take place on the Stockton Pacific campus.

May 15 - July 18, 2023
Human-Centered Learning Design

This course provides understanding and application in the design, development, and evaluation of learning experiences in various sectors, particularly in creating innovative and immersive learning experiences.

Human-Centered Learning Design is a graduate-level course. Pacific and non-Pacific students may earn graduate-level credit from this course. Be sure to discuss with your academic advisor to see if Human-Centered Learning Design can help advance your degree.

Students at Sacramento Residency
Benerd sacramento residency
May 15 - July 18, 2023
Organizational Coaching

Development of skills and knowledge to partner with others in their professional development, to help people reach their goals and enhance performance through exploring ideas and dialogue. Focus on theory, research, and applied techniques to facilitate an evidence-based coaching process.

Organizational Coaching is a graduate-level course. Pacific and non-Pacific students may earn graduate-level credit from this course. Be sure to discuss with your academic advisor to see if Organizational Coaching can help advance your degree.

Connected courses

Some courses offered by Benerd directly build off of one another or have other prerequisites. Explore these courses below.

Introduction to Personal Creativity

You'll be surprised at how creative you can be! You'll review the major academic thinking on creativity, as well as learn how to unlock the creativity within yourself through a series of fun activities and techniques. See how high creativity can take you! 

Academic Units: 1  
Course Cost: $179

Creativity in Teams and Organizations

Prerequisite: Introduction to Personal Creativity

When you work in groups, do you have a hard time coming up with new ideas? Drawing on the latest academic thinking, you'll learn the key factors for developing creative teams that generate fresh ideas. Discover what creativity can do for you and your teams!

Academic Units: 1
Course Cost: $179

Innovation in Organizations

Prerequisite: Introduction to Personal Creativity

Apple, Google, and 3M are companies that often lead the way in corporate innovation. How do they do it? You'll review the latest academic advancements on innovation, including Clay Christensen's seminal thinking on disruptive technology and the proper response. Come learn the tools needed for innovation and see how far you can go!  

Academic Units: 1
Course Cost: $179

Day at the Museum, Part I - Honing Your Non-Profit Skills

Interested in doing good work in the non-profit sector? Through readings, video, and exercises, you will explore leadership, strategic planning, fund raising, volunteer development, budgeting, and marketing. Take this class to learn the key management issues and latest thinking needed to become an effective, productive, and strategic nonprofit leader.  

Academic Units: 2
Course Cost: $358

Day at the Museum, Part II - Nonprofit Simulation

Prerequisite: Day at the Museum, Part I

Put your new nonprofit skills to work at the Courtney Museum! After Day at the Museum Part I, this eSimulation is designed to challenge you while exploring real-world issues encountered by nonprofit managers. Assume the role of executive director of the troubled Courtney Museum and handle a series of personnel, marketing, financial, and community relations issues. As you make decisions an adaptive scoreboard reflects the impact of your actions and video commentary will explore the consequences of choosing different paths for reviving the Museum. 

Academic Units: 1
Course Cost: $179

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