Benerd College is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Here are some examples of our DEI-related work.

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DEI Advocacy at Benerd College

In 2020, faculty and staff of Benerd College formed a DEI working group to foster an ongoing discourse throughout the college and identify opportunities for growth. 

The group has led book clubs featuring work from DEI focused authors, analyzed teaching methods, and actively seeks opportunities for professional and personal development on DEI for the Benerd community.


As part of Benerd's 2024 Centennial festivities, DEI ABC organized a series of  bi-weekly zoom sessions facilitated by Benerd faculty. They will be sharing and leading discussion based on issues that came up in the course of the groups book club readings.

Topics include: 

February 8, 2024-"Microagressions"
Moderated by Eunie Jung, Ph.D.

February 22, 2024-"Racialized Trauma"
Moderated by Jennifer Geiger, Ed.D.

March 7, 2024-"Bias"
Moderated by Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, Ph.D. & Jonathan Toccoli, Ed.D.

Changemakers Event Series

Curious about Benerd's approach to education? Join us for our monthly virtual event series to explore the theories and methodologies that drive creativity and change. Led by our expert faculty, each session will highlight a new topic in educational reform to give you a glimpse into the Benerd College graduate classroom and ignite the Changemaker in you.

Benerd Degree Programs rooted in DEI

Bring about the change you want to see in organizations and communities with Benerd’s master’s degree in Social Justice. Our program provides you with the latest theories and methods in ethical leadership, which you will then apply to real organizations to help them grow and foster social justice.

Understanding how to create positive change in our systems leads to a more equitable and inclusive future. Graduating from our Doctor of Education for transformative action program will prepare you to disrupt traditional systems by creating and maintaining sustainable, socially conscious spaces.

Benerd College offers an Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Completion program for students with approximately 50 college credits. 

This unique program allows students to complete their education for a reduced tuition fee and offers a flexible hybrid format. These accommodations create more equity in education for students who would not otherwise be able to obtain a degree.